Toronto, Ontario

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Our Team

Here at Sandglaz we practice what we preach. We are a small team - but don’t be fooled. We get a lot done! Sandglaz comes directly out of our passion for a simpler, more flexible task manager. We are proud to be helping teams across the world to collaborate efficiently.
Nada Aldahleh
Co-founder and CEO
Nada is obsessed with being productive all the time. She likes to have fun productively and work productively. She loves apples and coffee. She also loves to dance and to travel the world (she’s been to 26 countries so far).

Zaid Zawaideh
Co-founder and COO
Zaid likes to make things more efficient. If he has to repeat something twice, then it is time to automate it. He also loves to play the piano and in an alternative career would have been a concert pianist and composer.

Our Cultural Values