Asana vs Trello vs Sandglaz

“ How are you different from JIRA or Pivotal Tracker? ”

We get this question a lot, so here's a simple comparison

Sandglaz JIRA Pivotal Tracker

Basic Features

Super fast task creation and editing
Due dates   only release tasks can have dates
Task notes and subtasks
Full featured repeating tasks
iCal feed
Keyboard Shortcuts
View your tasks offline
File Attachments
Automatic linking of URLs in tasks
Responsive (scales from mobile to large screens)


Unlimited projects   Only with the $75+ plans
Overview of all your tasks
Project Sharing
Sharing permissions
Unlimited assignment to multiple members   Can assign to only one member
Super fast @username assignments
Real time sync
Unlimited commenting
Tag people in comments
Filter on any user to see what they did and what they're up to   But buried in menus.
You don't simply just click on tags
  only in progress items

Planning and Organization

Super fast #hashtag categorization
Visual sprint planning   only current sprint vs backlog
Flexible sprint lengths
Drag and drop planning
Automatic move forward of uncompleted tasks
Snoozing of tasks
Full completion history by sprint
Easily postpone and advance sprints
Filter tasks on multiple users and/or tags and view the filtered tasks per sprint
Later or someday section   called Backlog   called Icebox

Agile Methodologies

Scrumban (Mix of Scrum and Kanban)   Either Scrum or Kanban

Emails and Notifications

Due date reminder emails and notifications
Collaboration emails and notifications (task assigned to you, new comments, someone changed a task, etc.)
Agenda emails

Sandglaz is in no way (and we mean in no way) affiliated with or sponsored by JIRA nor Pivotal Tracker. The JIRA and Pivotal Trackers logos are a registered trademark of Atlassian and PivotalLabs respectively.

Sandglaz is deceptively simple, yet it has all the power to keep up with your agile team

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