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Create flexible task plans that easily adapt to your changing priorities

Intuitive & Flexible Task Management

Sandglaz captures all your ideas from concept to completion.

Click anywhere to type in your tasks - Sandglaz saves them for you on the fly.

Prioritize tasks visually with a simple drag & drop.

Categorize your tasks using #hashtags. #Easy!

Add context to your tasks with notes, subtasks, and file attachments right in the expanded task view.

Create recurring tasks that perfectly fit your needs with rich repeating task rules.

Access your tasks on your mobile device on the go. Just save the web app to your homescreen.

Simple Team Collaboration

Say goodbye to hunting down colleagues and attending endless meetings for project status updates.

Share each project with its own team. Set the right level of permissions for each team member.

Assign tasks to your teammates with @usertags.

Enjoy real time sync: your edits are seen by team members right away.

Task commenting allows you to discuss details with your team members right within the expanded task view.

Find out at a glance what your team needs to accomplish this week, and make effortless plans for the future.

Your Task List Manages Itself

My Tasks gives you an overview of your tasks and projects.

Didn't complete a few tasks? No problem! Sandglaz will move them to the next day for you.

See a full history of your projects - Sandglaz saves all your completed tasks history.

Sandglaz integrates with your favourite calendar application through iCalendar feeds.

Get started today with the task manager that adapts to you

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Very easy to use. I am using it to replace the whiteboard in our office.

Tim Coleman, President at RED74 IT Support
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