Our Team

Here at Sandglaz we practice what we preach. We are a small team - but don’t be fooled. We get a lot done! Sandglaz comes directly out of our passion for a simpler, more flexible task manager. We are proud to be helping teams across the world to collaborate efficiently.
Nada Aldahleh
Co-founder and CEO
Nada is obsessed with being productive all the time. She likes to have fun productively and work productively. She loves apples and coffee. She also loves to dance and to travel the world (she’s been to 26 countries so far).

Zaid Zawaideh
Co-founder and COO
Zaid likes to make things more efficient. If he has to repeat something twice, then it is time to automate it. He also loves to play the piano and in an alternative career would have been a concert pianist and composer.

Simon Cook
Simon loves thinking; about life, the universe, and everything. But thinking about thinking holds a special place in his heart. Discussion and mangoes are among the things that he can never satiate his hunger for. He loves the smell and sound of rain in the city.

Alina Vrabie
Content Writer
Alina is addicted to discovering life hacks and sharing them with others. If she can simplify your life in any way, then her mission is accomplished. She enjoys communication in all its forms and is passionate about constantly improving her writing process. From Romania, but has a Latin American heart.

Brendan Ritchie
Brendan is a problem solver with interests in a variety of impractical topics, and nearly became a professional philosopher. Since he usually has his head in the clouds, he is grateful for good organizational tools.

Marcus Guido
Content Writer
Marcus loves multimedia content creation and marketing. He always looks for new ways to tell stories through print, audio, and visual media. Between October and April, you’ll find him at a local sports bar complaining about the Maple Leafs’ latest loss. He’s also an Italian film nerd.

Our Cultural Values