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The world's most flexible task management

When life messes your plans, Sandglaz has your back: Plan your work in flexible timelines that easily adapt to change

Let's see how it works
Jot down what you plan to do this week ...
And next week ...
Assign and categorize as you type. So simple!
And as the week progresses ...
Work is getting done!

Oh, no! We’re behind schedule!

Ian came down with a flu :(

Not to worry, Sandglaz auto-manages your tasks, so you don't have to!
Your uncompleted tasks are automatically moved to the next week! :)
It is easy to be responsive to changing priorities! Plan iteratively, and embrace change every day.
Drag and Drop your tasks to reprioritize them...
Or maybe you just need to add a day or two to a milestone?
See your progress. Literally.
Filter on @John to see what he's working on
Go to past milestones and take a look at what he accomplished
Great Work Team!
And there's lots more you can do with your tasks
Add task notes or links to external attachments
Set due dates and get reminders
Create recurring tasks for the things you need to do again and again
Sandglaz adapts as your needs grow

When you have more projects, clients, teams and activities ...

Create multiple projects and share each with its own set of collaborators

Accomplishing things together has never been easier!

Available Everywhere!

Mobile, tablet, and desktop optimized web application

Available on the Firefox marketplace, Chrome webstore, and Amazon Appstore

Realtime Sync

With Sandglaz your edits and tasks are seen by everyone simultaneously —You don't even need to refresh your page

Email Notifications

Get notified when you are assigned new tasks, your tasks are modified or are due

Receive email agenda’s to keep track of your upcoming work


When I discovered Sandglaz, I literally ”moved in“ one day and have never looked back!

Cory Snavely, IT Manager at University of Michigan
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